My MedSailors Review – A Week in Croatia

My MedSailors Review – A Week in Croatia

A week of sun, sailing and laughter in Croatia with MedSailors

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been dreaming about a holiday and have spent time reminiscing over past travels – one of which was a MedSailors trip to Croatia a couple of years ago, so I thought I’d take some time to tell you about my experience. Carry on scrolling to read my MedSailors Review.

For those of you who haven’t heard about MedSailors before, they run skippered sailing holidays for 20 to 35 year olds in the stunning countries of Croatia, Greece, Turkey and Montenegro.

As it was a couple of years ago I’ve decided to answer some questions to explain my experience as opposed to a day to day account.

Why did you decide to book a MedSailors Sailing Holiday?

After watching some videos on YouTube (thanks BroganTate) I decided that a sailing holiday would be really fun to do as you’d meet people from all over the world. It also felt exciting and out of my comfort zone to try a new experience as I had never been on a yacht before.

Who did you go with?

I travelled solo. Many of my friends were saving up for different holidays with their partners and I was single at the time so that was the main reason I decided to go by myself. It wasn’t the first time I’d travelled solo, so I felt quietly confident in the fact that I would be happy to spend some time by myself and make friends along the way.

How did you find travelling solo on a MedSailors Holiday?

Initially, I was of course, a little nervous about being by myself. I had no idea who would be on my boat, let alone who I was sharing a cabin with. What if we didn’t get on? 

When I arrived to the marina, I was met by the G.E.L. (Guest Experience Leader) who was super friendly. Once everyone had arrived, I felt much more comfortable as I chatted to my new friends as we headed off into the horizon. 

There was a very large group of South Africans on my trip and everyone else travelled as a pair (only one other person was travelling solo). Everyone mixed really well though and I made lots of new friends.

What was the route like on your MedSailors trip?

It was beautiful! I really enjoyed the route as it gave a snapshot of some of the beautiful islands in Croatia. It’s definitely a place that I’d like to return to. I particularly loved the wine tasting at Hvar.

I can’t forget to mention that it was also a very memorable trip because of the WorldCup. Croatia were in the final and the atmosphere was incredible!

What did an average day look like?

In the morning, we would normally travel to the next destination. The skipper would get up early and start moving, so most of the time, we were already moving when we woke up. We’d then have breakfast on the deck and around midday, stop for a swim whilst the skipper  prepared our lunch. We would then travel to the destination and stop for the evening. Sometimes this was a marina where you could do your own thing for dinner and other nights it was a small cove with one local restaurant.

Did you get sea sick on your MedSailors Trip?

There was only one day where I felt seasick when it was particularly windy, but I had some tablets and felt much better. By the end of the week, I felt worse being on land than on the boat – nothing that couldn’t be fixed by a couple of Aperol Spritz though of course.

What could have made your MedSailors Sailing Holiday even better?

I would’ve liked to have known a little bit more about the people on the same route as us and who I was sharing a bunk with (especially as this turned out to be a male – I was fine but I’m not sure everyone would be if they were in the same situation).

I would have also liked to learn more of the ropes, but didn’t feel like there was a chance to.

Overall, I had a fantastic time and met some brilliant people from all over the world.

Find out more about MedSailors here

Have you been on a MedSailors trip? Let me know your experience in the comments below.

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