6 Things I’ve Learnt in Lockdown

6 Things I’ve Learnt in Lockdown

So in my last blog post I introduced myself and what my plans are for this blog – maybe it was a bit too serious? So I thought I’d write a ‘6 Things I’ve Learnt in Lockdown’ with some funnier stories/tips for those of you who want a bit of a pick-me up.

1. I'm a total tea snob!

Tea cup

Twinnings Lady Grey tea bags are my absolute favourite, but Earl Grey is a close second. As we’ve been reducing our shopping trips to once a week, my partner only normally visits ALDI so I asked him to pick some up. They just taste like normal tea. Never mind!

2. You can work up a real sweat at home!

I am naturally a very sweaty person and am normally dripping after any sort of workout at the gym – especially spin classes! Over the past couple of weeks I have been taking part in Live Instagram workouts from a couple of personal trainers I follow and oh boy are they tough! HIIT workouts are my new fave and am definitely considering cancelling that gym membership when all this is finished and we’re back to some sort of normality.

3. ALDI's own range sourdough pizzas are fantastic!

We love a weekend treat and it normally revolves around pizza as we’ve missed visiting one of our local haunts during this period. ALDI have a great range of fresh sourdough pizzas at a fraction of the price and are soooo yummy!

4. It's hard to kill tomato plants

Tomato plants

I thought it would be a nice project to grow some tomatoes this year, so I bought a packet of seeds with not much idea of what to do, but they are now towering plants! Amazing! I plan to put them into gro-bags when they’re a little bigger and the overnight temperature is good, but they’ve been put through the wars a bit! I didn’t water them for a really long time – I forgot! I also put them outside on a warm day before realising just how windy it was and they hadn’t quite built up their strength yet so they all took a bit of a tumble. But they’re standing strong now and living proof of what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

5. I really enjoy writing

I used to be a prolific writer when I was younger. I was forever writing stories in the car on the way home from school but somehow the magic disappeared somewhere, so I’m glad I’ve found it again.

6. I can bake!

Homemade carrot cake cupcakes

Amongst all the chaos I have discovered that I can actually bake! This is from a girl who had no cake tins, greaseproof paper or self-raising flour up until now! It all started with a bake-off challenge on Facebook with some family members – of course I obliged with the first round being hot cross buns. We then made brownies, carrot cake and cheesecake (I’m yet to make mine as that is an awful lot of cake to eat for two people!). My Mum also sent me a care package with some bread flour and yeast so I baked some Chelsea Buns over the weekend too – yum!


What have you learnt in lockdown? Let me know in the comments below!


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