5 Top Tips for Working from Home

5 Top Tips for Working from Home

Over the past couple of years I have spent a lot of time working from home, but even more so now in the current situation. I get it… there can be lots of distractions and it can be hard to not be tempted to sit on the sofa watching Netflix.

Here are my five top tips for working from home.

1. Focus on one task at a time

If your to do list is overwhelming, simplify it but pick out your one most important task of the day. You can then allot a set amount of time to complete this task and focus on that one thing to ensure you get it done. Sometimes I find it hard to concentrate when I have loads to do and find myself procrastinating, but this always helps.

2. Wake up early

Although it may be tempting just to roll out of bed and stumble over to your desk, set your alarm early and enjoy your normal commuting time doing a workout, reading or enjoying a leisurely breakfast instead. It will make you feel so much more energised when you’re at your desk and you will have achieved something before you have even reached your desk for the day.

If you need some inspiration and help waking up early, Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod is a great read!

3. Schedule a daily phone/video call with your team

It can be lonely working from home and one of the things I miss most about working in an office is chatting to the lovely people I work with. Since switching to working from home, we have all hopped on a video call at 11am everyday. We talk about work for 5-10 minutes but the rest of the time, we catch up on our normal chat as we would in the office.

4. Seperate your work and resting space

This is a really important tip which has made all the difference when I’m working from home. Create a clean and inspiring workstation which is separate from your bedroom or living room. When you enter this space, you will get into ‘work mode’ and not be tempted to sit in front of Netflix.

5. Schedule your day the night before

Don’t waste time in the morning by thinking about what you have to achieve. Instead, spend some time at the end of the day writing a to do list or schedule for the next day.

I even add small daily tasks to my to do list such as ‘check sales’ and ‘update leads’ so I can build momentum when I start my day.

Are you currently working from home? Let me know your top tips in the comments below.

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